1. Graphic Tracer Professional

Graphic Tracer Professional

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Graphic Tracer Professional          ***this is a subscription- click here to order***
Graphic Tracer Professional cleans up graphics and automatically identifies fonts like no other software program!  
World Class Sensedge Tracing Technology!
Bitmap images are quickly convreted into accurately traced, scalable vector art with minimal control points placed in all the right places.  This makes any additional editing extremely easy.  Your completed vector image can then be used for screen printing, engraving, sign making, crafting or any other graphic application.  

Unique Graphic Toolbox!

Clean up your poor quality or low resolution graphics like a Pro with a unique set of graphic tools that turn imperfect objects into perfect vector shapes. Resize and reproduce objects, and even identify the various typefaces that were used in creating the original graphic and replace type with a click!

Automatic Font Identification and Cleanup of the Type in your Graphic!

Put an end to the frustration and wasted time of trying to identify which font was used in your graphic!  Let Graphic Tracer Professional quickly search through an extensive online font database of over 100,000 fonts in seconds. Quickly find either the "perfect match" or a similar font that comes close to a custom designed typeface.  Build a searchable database from you own font collections. Quickly clean up graphics by replacing  "jaggy" bitmap text with perfect vector type created either from the original font or precision vector shapes with one mouse click.  Clean up artwork fast using the most advanced clean-up tools and typeface identification technologies you will find in the graphic industry!

Fully Compatible with other Programs!

Graphic Tracer Professional is compatible and enhances the productivity of other major graphic design and sign making programs such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Inkscape, FlexiSIGN, Cricut Design Space and more!

Features of Graphic Tracer Professional:

  • Quickly convert bitmap graphic files into high quality vector art!
  • Recognize more than 100,000 online fonts
  • Download over 20,000+ fonts for free
  • Build a database & search through your own font collections in seconds!
  • Replace scanned type with perfect text created from your own fonts in one mouse click!  
  • Collection of smart editing tools for quickly cleaning up corners, arcs, lines, shapes, contours and more
  • Tutorial videos and guides are built right into the program to provide assistance when needed 
  • Export graphics as ai, eps, dxf plt, bmp, and svg                              
  • Graphic Tracer Professional is fully compatible with other popular graphic programs:  Enhances the capability and increases productivity of programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Inkscape, FlexiSIGN, SignCut and most other graphic design, sign making & crafting software!
  • Currently Available for Windows (Mac version coming soon)       For Information or to Purchase  CLICK HERE